Goalkeeping Blunder Leads to Rayados de Monterrey’s 1-0 Victory Over Inter Miami

04/11/2024 00:13am. Updated on 04/11/2024 00:14am.

The game was 0-0 and both Rayados de Monterrey and Inter Miami carried out their attacks judiciously, and even without many clear opportunities – except for one from Lionel Messi. But just when the clock marked 30 minutes of play, There was a blunder by Drake Callender, the Garzas goalkeeper, who gave the Mexican team the goal…

Tomás Avilés gave a pass to Callender and he wanted to continue down with Sergio Busquets, who seemed like an option. But between the Spaniard and the goalkeeper was Brandon Vázquez, Rayados’ central forward. There was no clear space to get the ball to 5, but, still, The 1st of the Garzas tried, and the ending was the most anticipated: interception by the Mexican and an easy goal for Rayados.

Vázquez was left alone in front of the goal and only had to finish to make it 1-0 against Inter Miami. Serious mistake by Callender, who was mistakenly lamenting. Messi, with the captain’s ribbon on his arm, tried to encourage the team after the goal…

The video

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