Unexpected Starting Eleven Mandate: HSV Coach Baumgart Makes Surprising Decisions for Kaiserslautern Win, Looking Ahead to Magdeburg Strategy

Even if Steffen Baumgart felt vindicated afterwards, he actually didn’t want to replace Anssi Suhonen at half-time and Lukasz Poreba justified the HSV coach’s trust with the winning goal: the starting eleven mandate for the duo in the 2-1 win against Kaiserslautern came unexpectedly. And now, after the surprise, there are many signs pointing to a role backwards away from home in Magdeburg – but not with Robert Glatzel.

Poreba was allowed to start again on Saturday for the first time since the 1-2 defeat against SC Paderborn at the beginning of December, and Suhonen also made his starting eleven debut under Baumgart. The Finn, who was set back by several serious injuries, was back on the pitch for the first time in almost twelve months at the start of a competitive game.

The sick Suhonen and Poreba were missing from HSV training

Suhonen hasn’t been seen on the training green this week due to a cold. And Poreba also stayed in the catacombs on Wednesday and Thursday. Is Baumgart therefore taking a step backwards when allocating the starting place?

“I didn’t see Anssi badly,” the coach made it clear because of Suhonen, who had to go down with an injury. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it out.” If the 23-year-old’s illness continues, Baumgart will inevitably take him out of the starting line-up for the game at 1. FC Magdeburg.

In any case, Bakery Jatta’s deep runs, who sat on the bench under Baumgart for the first time on Saturday, are more likely to be needed again with the FCM who are playing than Suhonen’s liveliness against a deep-defensive opponent like Kaiserslautern. “Magdeburg has the most ball possession in the league,” says Baumgart, and therefore believes “that it will be a more open game than if you have teams that concentrate completely on defending or on switching.”

Jatta and Pherai back in the HSV starting eleven in Magdeburg?

In the offensive 3-2-4-1, Poreba played the half-right part in the offensive midfield alongside right winger Suhonen – the role in which Immanuel Pherai had always played at Baumgart. Will the Dutchman, who previously acted as the second striker in the defensive 4-1-3-2, now return to the first team? This initially depends on the genesis of Poreba, who also has a cold.

But as always, this is also due to Baumgart’s tactical ideas for Magdeburg. And it depends on how Baumgart plans rice with Ludovit. Because Ignace Van der Brempt won’t be a starting option again until next week, Reis should once again play as a right-back when the opponent has the ball.

Baumgart praises Reis – Glatzel will only be an HSV joker

“It’s not an experiment,” Baumgart made it clear again – and praised how Reis filled the dual role even after he lost the ball in front of the FCK goal: “Ludo played a very, very good second half in terms of mentality and fighting spirit .” Only when Van der Brempt, who has now fully returned to training, is fit to play again, will Baumgart move vice-captain Reis completely back to the center.

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With Suhonen, Poreba and the fit duo Jatta/Pherai, however, things are already going backwards. But not with Robert Glatzel: The ailing striker only practiced individually on the pitch on Thursday – and will be represented by András Németh again when he returns to team training on Friday.

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