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Vitesco Technologies, a company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge propulsion systems for eco-efficient mobility, takes another step in its commitment to sustainable logistics, through the strategic alliance it has sealed with DHL Supply Chain, an operator that has been chosen by Vitesco as reference logistics partner (Lead Logistics Partner -LLP-) for Europe.

Within the framework of this strategic alliance, DHL Supply Chain has been centrally managing the logistics flows of Vitesco’s twelve European centers since last March through the LLP Center of Excellence that the operator has in Warsaw (Poland). One of those centers of excellence is located in Valencia and has 250 people. Transportation to guarantee the supply chain of components to Vitesco factories, and of products from the factories to the manufacturer’s customers, will generate nearly 100,000 transport fleet movements, approximately a third of the volume of Vitesco Technologies’ total cargo.

“The main driver of our business is the development and production of sustainable technologies for the mobility of the future. We want to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. Having sustainable logistics solutions is a great step to achieve this goal, for which from now on we will work together with DHL Supply Chain,” comments Thomas Kirchermeier, Head of Supply Chain Management at Vitesco Technologies. .

The main advantage of the new logistics model that Vitesco opts for is that DHL Supply Chain, in its role as LLP, concentrates and distributes the cargo volumes of numerous large companies to generate a synergistic effect and achieve greater load optimization potential in transport fleets. To do this, DHL Supply Chain logistics experts take a competitive advantage by using the entire market of carriers and transport companies, which allows them to always offer the fastest, safest, ecological and most economical solutions. A model that ensures that Vitesco Technologies and all of the operator’s clients take advantage of this advantage to further strengthen the strength and resilience of their supply chains.

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