Turin Juve, Juric: ‘Toro must play for Europe. This must apply to everyone.’ Video

The victory that the Granata world was expecting did not arrive, but the Torino he comes out with his head held high after the derby. It ends 0-0 against Juventus, a draw with some thrills in the first half but a second half where Toro took advantage and came close to scoring. He confirmed it Ivan Juric (expelled for protests in the finale) in his analysis: “The team had a spectacular second half. We had opportunities, many corners and then that chance with Lazaro in the 94th minute… Great disappointment, but a high-level recovery. What are we missing in comparison with the big names? We are a light team: Ricci, Linetty, Lazaro… We created a lot, well on the pitch. If a piece is missing, this makes the difference between the great teams and the others. We lack the super quality to win these matches. I think we’ve done very well in these three years, but we’ve lost a lot of players through transfers and contract expiration. Miranchuk, Belotti, Bremer, Brekalo and more, we lost them: they were replaced well, but that piece is missing. We improved as a central striker, but we lost elsewhere. It’s a regret: for a few months we’ve been doing so many good things, we’re missing that piece to get further“.

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“Toro plays for Europe, this must apply to everyone”

On the problem of the attacking phase: “It’s the story of our players. I expected more goals from wingers and midfielders, we lack contribution in those areas of the pitch. We create a lot, we’re not good at it. It’s not a question of attackers. We have to fight, improve. I can see that we are there, we have been competitive for five months at very high levels. It’s unfortunate that we can’t do more: if everything were to get stuck…“. But was it Juric’s last derby? “No, I lived it as always. I feel great here, I’m proud of the boys and there is great harmony between everyone. We wanted to win for the fans and for the history of Torino. We are doing everything we can to get there. My confirmation linked to Europe? I think that Toro must play for Europe and now he is doing so. This must be the ambition and it must apply to everyone, otherwise it is not acceptable. I want to finish well, then we’ll see with serenity.”

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