Title: French Badminton Champions Robbed of Olympic Dream Due to Federation Error

Two French badminton champions have been living a bad joke for several days. Qualified for the Paris Olympic Games last week, the pair Ronan Labar/Lucas Corvée found themselves deprived of the Olympics, for a points error committed by the International Federation.

The sky fell on their heads. Badminton champion Lucas Corvée, originally from Alençon (Orne) and his partner Ronan Labar went from dream to nightmare in just a few days. Last week, they were virtually qualified for the next Paris Olympics and unfortunately, last Tuesday, April 15, 2024, they were no longer.

The reason for this sudden turnaround: a classification error by the International Federation which made a mistake in its calculation of points. An error which dates back to May 2023. 400 points too many would have been awarded to the French duo during a tournament in China. Error corrected a year later, with unfortunate consequences for the French pair.

The Corvée/Labar pair who occupied, after the recent European Championships, the French number one place in the world circuit rankings, find themselves ahead of the Popov brothers by 29 small points.

It’s a real earthquake, an explosion that we are experiencing. The dream of a life that appears then disappears without explanation.

Lucas Corvée, badminton champion

The French pair are devastated by this decision by the Federation. “Our stomachs are in knots, Ronan and I are thinking about all the sacrifices we had to make to give ourselves a chance to qualify for the Olympic Games.“, testifies Lucas Corvée. “All the nights spent away from our loved ones, the difficulties for my partner in raising his daughter remotely, the twice-daily training, the non-existent vacations. All this time spent on our sports project, the project of a lifetime in fact“.

The FFBaD (French Badminton Federation) contacted the International Federation for explanations. Lucas Corvée and Ronan Labar are also awaiting clarification from world authorities, before deciding what follow-up they intend to give to “this surreal situation“.

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