Haitian Basketball Federation Shows Determination Despite Insecurity with 3×3 Tournament

By Gary Eliezer

Despite the surge in insecurity in Port-au-Prince with these heavily armed terrorists trying to take control of the entire metropolitan area, the Haitian Basketball Federation does not want to give up, as proof, it is organizing a Tournament of 3×3 Basketball this weekend to relaunch this discipline in the country’s capital.

In a joint initiative between the National Basketball Commission 3×3 and Cacao 3×3, a tournament will take place this Saturday, April 20: “The festivities will begin at 2 p.m. on the field of the former Collège Lamartinière, located on 3rd avenue , rue du travail. This event has a special meaning, symbolizing the revival of basketball in Port-au-Prince,” wrote the body.

This tournament is not only a sporting competition, but an act of determination and resilience on the part of those responsible for the Haitian Basketball Federation. Despite the challenges and difficulties faced by the country, their unwavering commitment to keeping the flame of basketball alive in Port-au-Prince is unwavering.

Details about this competition have not been revealed but the appointment has been made for tomorrow for a day of 3×3 basketball. Participation is 50 gourdes.

2024-04-19 23:21:29
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