Ticket Sales Disparity in CBA Playoffs: Liao Basketball Sells Out, Guangdong Hongyuan Discounts, Zhejiang Fans Blamed

What a world of difference! Liao basketball tickets were sold out, Guangdong Hongyuan was heavily discounted and no one showed interest, Zhejiang is to blame!

The CBA playoffs are in full swing. The top four teams Liao Basketball, Xinjiang, Zhejiang and Guangdong Hongyuan, which received a bye in the first round, all announced the home ticket prices for their respective quarter-finals. However, the sales volume is very different. Liao basketball tickets were sold out in just a few minutes after they went on sale online. The Xinjiang team also sold well.

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But the same cannot be said for the Guangdong Hongyuan team. Their ticket prices for the playoffs have already been reduced, but not many people still want to watch the game live. Only about 10,000 people want to watch the game.

In order to gain popularity, Guangdong Hongyuan did not hesitate to heavily discount their game tickets. Tickets with a 63% discount and a 62% discount have been put out, but still no one is interested. Results are the last word. If your results are not good and you always lose to some unknown and weak teams, then the fans must abandon you.

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To be honest, Guangdong Hongyuan’s home attendance rate has declined seriously, which is really due to the Tianjin team coached by Liao basketball star Zhang Qingpeng. The two teams met four times in the regular season this season, and the Tianjin team won three times, especially twice at the home court of the Guangdong Hongyuan team, which hurt the hearts of the Guangdong Hongyuan fans. If the referee hadn’t stolen the show, the Tianjin team would have beaten the Guangdong Hongyuan team four times this season. Can the fans endure it?

Why does David James explode every time he plays the Guangdong Hongyuan team? This has become a worry for Du Feng and the Guangdong fans. Although Du Feng’s position as head coach is very stable, the fans are not enthusiastic to watch the game. Questions about his coaching. In fact, David James is not that strong, but Du Feng just can’t restrict him. Can you say that this is not the head coach’s problem?

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Back to business, among the top four teams, the one with the worst ticket sales is not the Guangdong Hongyuan team, but the Zhejiang team. Although his ticket price is also the lowest, he still cannot impress the fans.

There are three teams in Zhejiang, and it is an indisputable fact that the fans are divided, but the Ningbo team has been last in the rankings year after year, and the Guangsha team’s results this year are not as good as the Zhejiang team. It is reasonable to say that the Zhejiang team has the best football market, but it is exactly the opposite. Why is this so? Liao basketball fans have the most say. During last year’s finals, a large number of Liao basketball fans went to the Zhejiang team’s home court to support the Liao basketball team, which contributed to the box office for the Zhejiang team. However, Zhejiang fans scolded the Liao basketball fans from inside the stadium to outside the arena, saying that Liao basketball fans were poor. It’s really a good idea to get a bargain.

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The last time the two teams played against each other in the regular season this year, Zhejiang fans were even more aggressive. They scolded Liao Basketball coach Yang Ming and main player Zhang Zhenlin in the arena. After leaving the venue after the game, they took the initiative to stir up trouble and cause regional trouble. Zhejiang fans His bad words completely hurt the hearts of fans of the visiting team such as the Liao Basketball Team, so it was difficult to sell the tickets. This is called the blame. And those pseudo-fans who yelled that Liao basketball fans are poor people don’t know where they are. Both cute and sad!

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