“There have been times when the criticism from the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ jury was not about dancing, but personal”

Bruno Vila He reaches the grand finale of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as one of the contestants most loved by his audience. The member of ‘Mozos de Arousa’ in ‘Chain Reaction’ is also one of the candidates for victory in the Telecinco talent show along with Athenea Pérez, Adrián Lastra and María Isabel.

El Mozo de Arousa will try to win with the help of his dance partner, Marta Blanco, with whom he has gotten along very well in the program during these weeks. ALL OF IT talks to Bruno Villa and his dance partner, María Blanco, about their participation in the grand finale of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

How are you facing this finale of ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

María Blanco: Let’s see, I think the nerves go a little hand in hand with the fact that this is a final.

Bruno Vila: We have the nerves of the gala that is going to be. In the end, everything is decided now, it is decided who wins. And you will also have to dance well, at the final level. So, that requires special dedication and the pressure is noticeable.

It was your first time beyond ‘Chain Reaction’, Bruno

And it’s true that at first I had a little imposter syndrome. I said that I was among people who have a National Fashion Award (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada), Latin Grammys (Mala Rodríguez), thousands of followers… So, it was a little difficult for me at first to understand that I had also stood out in something that was a general culture program and that, in the end, many people have valued our trajectory within the contest.

Within the evolution of your contest, you have received harsh criticism from the jury. I imagine that you have also known how to deal with it to do your best to shut their mouths the following week.

María Blanco: Of course, I think what we talk about many times is that no one is prepared to receive harsh and unfair criticism in turn. So, I think that throughout the program we have also learned a little to assimilate them and keep them aside in case they were not useful to us on a professional level.

Bruno Vila: Well, then, to foolish words, deaf ears. There have been times when the criticism was not about the dance, it was personal. So, I haven’t made any kind of case there. Then, when there have been dance critiques, how can you improve in this, can you improve in the other, yes we have tried to improve it. For example, there were weeks when we were told about our posture, we were told about the tension in our arms, our resistance… When they told us, we did try to improve it. Then, I understand that everyone has their own vision of what the program should be like. The jury has defended a view that the one who dances the best has to win, and we have defended that perhaps the one who dances the best does not have to win. Maybe the public can make the winner of a person whose evolution seems good to them. And then, each one has defended his position and that’s it.

Do you think that at some points the jury has directly overwhelmed you?

María Blanco: I think there have been comments that were a little out of place, that have crossed the limit or have exceeded the limit of what is professional exactly.

Bruno Vila: You also have to understand a little… Well, his role, but we are in a live program. That is, in a recorded program, maybe it is saying something that is later taken away. In a live program, everything remains. So, it is a live program with an audience. He has pressure. We all have pressure to do well, to fulfill our role. Then, perhaps, surely, they too have gone home at some point and now they have said “I shouldn’t have said this.” I want to think.

You have always received the majority support of the public that each week has made it happen next week. I imagine that also gives a boost of adrenaline to face the contest.

Bruno Vila: It gives a rush, and in the end that is the most important thing. Television, I said at some gala, is that it is not made for a jury or for specific people, it is made for hundreds of thousands of viewers. I think it’s the best thing for them to like it.

How are you experiencing this boom of fame, Bruno?

I am very struck by the fact that we have been one of the couples, or I have been one of the contestants, that has focused the most people’s attention on our contest. Well, I’m handling it well, because I keep doing the same things. I think I’m a bit in a bubble now, because I spend a lot of time with Marta at the Essay Academy. I’m with my colleagues recording ‘Chain Reaction’, at the hotel. Yes, obviously, I go out, but not that much. So, maybe, when I finish this, I’ll realize it.

Marta Blanco: I have experienced situations with him, being on the street, whether people recognize him or not, and I want to say that in addition to having very massive and very unconditional support from the public. He has very healthy support. I mean. The people on the street are very kind, they are very affectionate… It is no longer because of the quantity of people who want to continue having the program at some point, but rather the quality of the people we have. That clearly he has done. I imagine his involvement with the Mozos and the trajectory we have here, people have also realized what Bruno is like. So if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be here either. So, our program we always said is for them.

Are you afraid that this will end? What do you think will happen?

Well, it’s going to happen that we Mozos de Arousa will try to last as long as possible on chain rations. And then, well, we’ll see. I am prepared for everything. I’m ready to go back to university, to finish my degree online and continue on another television project or whatever… For example, I have an English course that I had taken for Australia. It’s parked there. I had it for September of last year. But, in the end, we continued on ‘Chain Reaction’, then I got into this dancing thing. So, well, there are options there for everything.

Have you stopped going places for fame, Bruno?

I live my normal life, but well, with the awareness that maybe I can’t go singing in the street, as I said before, because before I didn’t look at anyone and now they will say “And this crazy guy?”

Do you flirt more now that you are better known?

Bruno Vila: Well, Instagram direct messages are always there, there are some messages.

Marta Bueno: They told me that if we were together, that we should please talk about it, because there were people who were going to let her help her.

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