The Unexplained Momentum Shift: Stefanos Tsitsipas Reflects on Quarter-final Match

After spanking Etcheverry, Stefanos was well on his way to repeating such a feat as he led 7–5, 5–0 against Sascha Zverev. And then, all of a sudden, the Greek machine stalled without us really knowing why. Ultimately winning the tie‐break, Stefanos couldn’t really explain what he had experienced.

“I would say this set is almost the adventure of a lifetime. It’s definitely not something I deal with every day. The momentum changed dramatically at one point, you know, it went one way and then it went completely the other way. It’s rare. I do not even know. I’m trying to understand what just happened. Fortunately, I was efficient in the tie‐break otherwise..”

Stefanos will start the crazy day of the quarter-finals, he is scheduled to face Khachanov at 11 a.m.

2024-04-12 08:51:51
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