The Turning Point: Djokovic’s Reflections on Triumph and Triumph

Djokovic’s words

Analysis: “There has been a change after that moment with the public with 40-15 for him in the first set. From then on, I began to feel that it was my time. He was making me cum and he was pounding wonderfully. This is earth and everything can change very soon. Here, a break is not a big advantage. In the second set, I stayed hard in the important moments.”

Memories: “I don’t think I’m at my best level, but it was a good test today against a player very talented and wonderful, especially on land. I lost to him last year in similar circumstances. With 4-2 that game has come back to my mind. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. Fortunately, the same ending has not been repeated.”

2024-04-11 15:34:53
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