The subsidiary is cruel to the bottom player

Las Palmas Atlético remains firm in its pursuit of the leader of the Canary Islands group of Tercera RFEF. The yellows, who beat Unión Puerto (6-1) in the Annex to the red lantern, are three points behind the Tenerife reserve team but with one game less played. Pau Ferrer, the category’s top scorer with 22 goals, scored a hat trick.

The player from Castellón opened the scoring after ten minutes. A handball inside the area by the visiting Chars led to a maximum penalty that the attacker converted into 1-0. Eight minutes later, surprise. The Frenchman Shaheen took advantage of a rebound in front, after taking a corner, to take a placed shot that slipped close to the post of Álvaro Killane’s goal (1-1).

Despite the dominance that Las Palmas Atlético exerted, it could not withstand the framework of a well-established Unión Puerto. The Majoreros held out until the extension of the first half. A center from Saliou from the baseline was headed by José Ángel to overturn Álvaro’s stretch (2-1).

After the break, the UD reserve team jumped into the Siete Palmas venue ready to make no concessions to the Majoreros. In the 52nd minute, the yellows made it 3-1 with a shot from inside the area by Pau Ferrer that entered the top corner.

Pau Ferrer’s hat trick

Things became even more complicated for Unión Puerto with the expulsion of Darío just one minute after entering the field. In the 65th minute, Pau Ferrer took advantage of a service from Elías Romero to complete his hat trick (4-1).

Shortly after, the yellows were able to achieve the fifth, but first Yadam Santana, who found a great save from Álvaro, and in the continuation of the play his teammate Johan, were not successful.

Las Palmas Atlético overwhelmed Unión Puerto in search of a bigger result. In the 79th minute, Iván Medina joined the scoring party with a shot from inside the area that hit Chars and went into the back of the goal. Shortly after, the Gran Canarians completed the win with a shot at Elías’ pleasure after an assist from the right by Hiromi.

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