The Rise of Andriy Lunin: Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper Faces Crucial Test Against Manchester City

Andriy Lunin He is the starting goalkeeper of the Real Madrid. His performance has been ahead of Keparesigned on the bench and with his head on a future that is not assured in the Premier and in which offers from Saudi Arabia are drawn. As the weeks passed, the bet of Carlo Ancelotti to give continuity to the Ukrainian under the sticks has had positive consequences.

Real Madrid fans live calmly with Lunin, who reached his peak performance during the visit to Leipzigin which he deployed an extensive manual of stops so that Madrid emerged unscathed from the harassment to which the old team subjected them. East Germany. He has boosted his self-confidence and his team knows that he has a goalkeeper. Therefore, the setback in the recovery of Courtois It did not alter the pulse of anyone in the White House. And, to close the circle, The moon He was Ukraine’s goalkeeper in the matches to get into the Euro, leaving Anatoly Trubin.

With that journey completed, not at all imaginable in the month of August, Lunin now faces a momentous moment. He Real Madrid faces the Manchester Citya team with offensive potential that places extreme demands on any defensive system and any goalkeeper.

Courtois is not human… nor is he enough: a recital of saves to avoid a historic rout

You know about it well Thibaut Courtois. In his two best seasons, when his level soared to leave no doubt that he was the best goalkeeper in the world, the games in the Etihad They were nightmares. In both of them he left with four goals conceded. Two years ago, his saves were later vital for that comeback placed as the most tremendous of all those that Madrid collects at home. The pass prevented the catastrophe in the second leg from going beyond the already overwhelming 4-0.

This was Lunin’s stellar performance against Leizpig

With the Belgian resting and waiting to see if he can play again before the season ends, it is Lunin’s turn to be Madrid’s last guardian against an attack that has poison from many sides and styles: De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Foden, Grealish, Julián Álvarezthe new arriving facet of Rodri and, above all of them, the scoring beast that is Dear Haaland.

In the life of The moon There have not been matches of the caliber of the duels against the Manchester City. The tie against RB Leipzig It was the first for him in European competitions. He has already experienced Clásicos, derbies or Super Cup finals. But what starts this Tuesday is something else, another world. The one in which Real Madrid He demands that his players live up to his shirt, his history, his 14 Champions League titles. A moment for the chosen ones. The moon He has already shown that he is a great goalkeeper. He now faces the challenge of proving that he can go one step further. To be a goalkeeper who wins Champions Leagues.

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