The PP reproaches the Government for its “lack of dialogue” but avoids closing the door on the land law

With the debate on housing in Spain on the surface and the Government making moves, the PP presented this Thursday a plan with 16 measures which he intends to support in a bill in the Congress of Deputies. The main new features of the popular package focus on tax incentives -applying a 100% deduction on owners’ income to put empty homes on the rental market and relieving inheritance and gift tax to those people who leave money to people in their closest family circle to buy a home -, in addition to a powerful anti-squatting law that has already been approved in the Senate and on which Alberto Núñez Feijóo insisted yesterday on a trip to Catalonia.

The conservative general secretary, Cuca Gamarraand the person responsible for Housing, Paloma Martin, They charged against the “opportunism” of the Government which, in their opinion, and after six years in the Government, “only remembers about housing when there are elections.” The popular ones propose urgent measures to make public land available and that new housing can be built as soon as possible and that resolve legal certainty that is needed to build with more flexible legislation that does not generate so many obstacles.

Some of these measures are being heard these days in Moncloa, convinced that it is necessary to take measures quickly, while the sector emphasizes that it cannot wait any longer. Precisely, The Government also looks to the PP to approve the modification of the land law, a norm that declined due to the calling of the general elections and that the Ministry of Housing has recovered. It is in parliamentary processing, it does not have the approval of Sumar nor other of Sánchez’s partners.

The PP, for its part, avoids clearly stating its position. Paloma Martín complained about the “lack of dialogue” and the fact that the Government “has not even contacted its party and the autonomous communities” (the majority in the hands of the PP), but he did not close the door to being able to negotiate.

What he emphasized is that his party “would have liked to receive that call and the question of whether they wanted to talk about the law in a coordinated manner.” admitting that in reality the norm “is based on a PP law”. He stressed that the priority must at all times be to “provide greater legal certainty to the urban planning approach” and said that the law “was born lame” because it leaves out many issues such as the law regulating contentious-administrative jurisdiction or that relating to procedural guarantees. He did not deny the possibility of undertaking a negotiation with the Government if the voice of the PP is heard, and assured that his party “will exercise its powers responsibly.”

Martín was more critical of the elimination of the ‘golden visa’ – which the Executive intends to conclude in an amendment to this land law -, insisting that it is the “parrot chocolate” because “the majority of homes bought by foreigners in Spain are for community foreigners who do not benefit from the residence permit.” The PP continues to think that the announcement was “a smokescreen” from Sánchez because he saw himself “very cornered” by the headlines of the Koldo plot. The conservative leaders did not comment on the fact that it is the European Commission itself that is calling for an end to these golden visas.

“Sanchez’s laws are useless”

The PP’s fiercest criticism continues to focus on the housing law which, in its opinion, has been of no use because “prices continue to skyrocket” and the difficulties that many citizens have in buying a home are compounded by rental prices. absolutely shot. “We defend measures focused on having more land that can be builtthat more supply can be promoted for the existing demand,” Cuca Gamarra stressed.

In addition to the measures related to tax incentives, Martín detailed the rest of the package made up of 16 proposals, some aimed exclusively at young people: generate a large housing stock at affordable pricesmake public land available so that there is public-private collaboration with developers, guarantee the rental price or facilitate 95% of the mortgage (these two measures are already working in some communities).

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