“I still don’t believe it”: Ludovic, garbage collector and influencer on TikTok, will carry the Olympic flame

“I cried about it. » Ludovic Franceschet took time to realize what awaited him in Paris next summer. In the streets of the capital, he will be one of the bearers of the Olympic flame during its journey across France until the opening ceremony on July 26.

” I am so happy. I am someone who is very committed to the cleanliness of the planet, it is extremely important. You can’t imagine to what extent when I was called, I cried… I still don’t believe it,” explains Ludovic Franceschet at BFM Paris.

“I will not carry the flame as a garbage collector”

His name does not sound familiar ? It’s normal. For some, he is simply “Ludovic”, a star on social networks and particularly on TikTok where he highlights his job as a garbage collector and the need for cleanliness. It is in this context that he was invited as “committed to the planet” to carry the flame. “I will not carry the flame as a cleaner or as a garbage collector, but as someone committed to the planet,” he said.

In detail, he will participate in the relay on July 15 in the streets of the capital, without having more details until then. He promised “a little surprise” in the way he relayed the flame without once again saying more.

VIDEO. Ludovic, star garbage collector from TikTok, cleaned 35 bridges in Paris on his days off

The Olympic flame for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games was lit this Tuesday at the ancient site of Olympia in Greece, nearly 100 days before the opening ceremony on July 26. On May 8, at 7 p.m., she will arrive on French territory in the Old Port of Marseille.


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