The Moon Shines Bright in the Bernabeu: Lunin’s Rise to Stardom

The Moon Shines Bright in the Bernabeu: Lunin’s Rise to Stardom

The moon debuted star status in the Bernabeu. First it was in the warm-up, when a half-filled stand surrendered to the white goalkeeper when he went out to exercise. And then in the lineups. “With 13…”, they announced from the public address system. “¡¡¡¡¡Luniiiiinnnnnnn!!!!chanted an already bursting Bernabéu in a unanimous shout that had to give the player goosebumps and that had to be heard even in Manchester, where the goalkeeper dressed as a hero and changed his history in the white team. Even during the game some song dedicated to Ukrainian.

On April 9 he left Bernabeu and The moon and another completely different Lunin returned to the Bernabéu today. 12 days ago the goalkeeper left the pitch of the white coliseum ‘touched’ by his failure in the first goal of the match. City. Something that started the tie off on the wrong foot. Then he would play two games away from home. The first in Son Moixwith victory and a clean sheet, and a second that changed everything: that of Etihadwhere he was an undisputed hero holding Madrid during the siege of City and saving two penalties in the decisive round. Today, therefore, Lunin who left the last game in the Bernabeu with which he presented himself again, now converted into idol of madridismo after being the great architect of one more night in the history of Madrid in the Champions.

complicated night

However, it was not the triumphal walk that The moon I would have liked it in the Classic, because the white goalkeeper had a very difficult night with more than one shock. He failed to score Barcelona’s first goal in the taking of a corner and was about to concede a second goal in another corner kick, this time at the near post, and which he miraculously saved on the same goal line. In the second half, he hesitated again in an action in which he was left halfway out against Lewandowski. Of course, theirs were two last ovations from the Bernabéu during the game when he caught two balls with great confidence in the Barça’s last blows.

The match against Barcelona It is the sixteenth match of The moon as a starter between the sticks consecutively. After a period of rotation in goal, The moon was a starter against The Palms at home on January 27 and since then he has not moved from the eleven. The only thing that threatened his privileged situation was the return of Courtois, but the Belgian’s new physical setback practically left him free to be a starter almost until the end of the season. And that opened the door for him to vindicate himself in Manchester with a marvelous performance that has changed his sporting life forever.

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