The Latvian national football team will play its Baltic Cup home games in Liepāja

In the first match of the tournament on June 8, Latvia will play Lithuania. In the second semi-final pair, Estonia will face the Faroe Islands. If in the second match the opponents of Latvia are the Faroe Islands, the match will take place on June 11 in Liepāja. The match against Estonia would take place in Tallinn.

The last time the Latvian national team played in Liepāja was in 2016, when they defeated Lithuania 2:1 in the Baltic Cup. Two years earlier, right there in Liepāja, our football legend Māris Verpakovskis played a farewell match for the Latvian national team. At that time, in the game with Estonia, a goalless draw was recorded 0:0, after which a series of penalty kicks followed, in which the hosts were superior with 4-2.

“We are very pleased with the agreement reached with UEFA that, as an exception, we can play the Baltic Cup game or games outside of Riga. It is a common practice in all countries that the national team plays home games in several cities and places, expanding the circle of fans and spectators. For the Latvian national team there are a lot of fans outside of Riga, so we are happy to take our best footballers to Liepāja as well. I hope that someday there will be stadiums in more Latvian cities in accordance with the requirements of international games and we will be able to expand the geography of the national team’s home matches,” said LFF President Vadims Lashenko .

We remind you that this year four national teams are participating in the Baltic Cup. The semi-final pairs Latvia – Lithuania and Estonia – Faroe Islands will determine the finalists and participants for the 3rd place match.

These matches of the Latvian national team will be broadcast free of charge on one of the “TV3 Group” channels. Ticket sales for the first game will be announced soon.

In a similar format, the Baltic Cup was organized last time in November 2022, when in the semi-finals the Latvian national team beat Estonia in penalty kicks, but in the final they also recognized the superiority of Iceland, which had been invited to participate in the competition, in penalty kicks. Latvia is the current holder of the Baltic Cup trophy.

The Baltic Cup is the oldest still active national football tournament in the world. The Baltic Cup was played for the first time in 1928.

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