The Knicks Move Closer to Playoffs with Win, but Face Tougher Challenges Ahead


The Knicks move closer to the playoffs with a win, but at what cost? This question looms on the horizon after the close match against the Chicago Bullswhich led them to a 120-119 victory after overtime, taking second place in the Eastern Conference. The victory came hard and had a significant impact on the next round of the playoffs, as the defeat of the Bucks he launched the Big Apple team into second place, causing the Bucks to slip to third, defeated by Orlando Magic.

The Knicks in the first round with the Heat or Sixers: was it better to lose?

Last heart-pounding regular season match for the New York Knickswho beat i Chicago Bulls 120-119: second place in the East won, as well as the playoffs, where they will have to face the winner of first place in the play-ins. If they lost, they would face the inexperienced Indiana Pacers in the first round, but the victory now faces them with tougher challenges against the Heat at Erik Spoelstra oh Sixers in Joel Embiid, teams that will face each other in the play-in for seventh place. The coach of KnicksTom Thibodeaustated that he had never considered the possibility of abandoning the match against i Bulls, although the implications of the match-up were quite clear. There is, however, a silver lining with this victory: i Knicks they guaranteed home court advantage for the second round, avoiding a possible confrontation with the Celtics until the conference finals.

The season marked the team’s return to the finish line of 50 victoriesa milestone last reached in 2013. The match won against i Bulls was headlined by a standout performance from Jalen Brunsonwho scored 40 pointsaided by an ever-present supporting cast, with players like OG AnunobyDonte DiVincenzo e Josh Hart. The match ended in a frenetic fashion, with i Knicks who fought to maintain their lead until the end, after i Bulls they evened the score with Alex’s basket Caruso.

Despite the uncertainties about the next opponent, the team is preparing to face a demanding challenge, fueled by strong determination and team unity, to bring back the Madison Square Garden the great basketball NBA.

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