French Dominance at Moto GP: Quartararo and Zarco Shine Despite Vinales’ Victory

Moto GP returned to the United States this weekend. If Maverick Vinales’ victory should make the headlines tomorrow, the performance of Quartararo and Zarco remains THE highlight. With complete objectivity.

Qualifying & Sprint: Quartararo and Zarco above the rest

If during testing, some teams can bluff about their performances, the qualifying session is the moment of truth. No one can hide behind the on-board fuel level anymore. And from the first qualifying session in Austin, the French quickly made it clear that they should not be counted on this weekend. Fabio Quartararo did no better than 16th place, finishing on the mat on his last lap, when Johann Zarco set the 19th time. France is not leaving any crumbs to the federations from the loss of other countries in motorsport this year.

And for the supporters of the French pilots who were hoping for a return to form the next day, rest assured; the pace in qualifying is the same as that in the race. And pompom on the Garonne, Johann Zarco gave up while he was floating in 17th position. It was certainly better to end this race quickly.

The duel between Marc Marquez, Pedro Acosta and Jorge Martin is worth its weight in gold. The Spanish trio crosses and uncrosses, you shouldn’t be epileptic with them.

The summary of the (crazy) race

The lights go out, and it doesn’t take long for the first loss to appear. Starting in pole position, Maverick Vinales went from 1st to 11th place in a single turn. What do you expect?

But rest assured, the Spaniard is not the only one to stand out in the first round. Two drivers go straight at the end of the long straight, and guess who? We give it to you right on target: Fabio Quartararo and Johann Zarco. This tricolor weekend is to be shown in all motorcycle schools in France. If some drivers are losing out at the start of the race, one is taking advantage like never before; Pedro Acosta. The young 19-year-old diamond regains the lead of the race even though he is wearing a medium tire. Tell me you’re going to be a future great without telling me you’re a future great.

But in this race, first place seems to give way as easily as the defense of FC Metz. After Maverick Vinales, Pedro Acosta and Jorge Martin, it is the turn of Marc Marquez to take control, to the cheers of the public. The Austin Sheriff then thought of adding an 8th coronation to his record on American soil, but the Spaniard did even better; fall all alone at the head of the race. The mark of the (very) greats.

Vinales offers us the comeback of the saison

Faced with such agitation, we logically expect a calm. But the writers of this race have not yet revealed all their cards. Relegated to 11th position, Vinales overcomes his opponents one by one, until he finds his due and wins. Dear Formula 1 scriptwriters, take note.

As for the French, the weekend ends as well as it began. As in the sprint race, Johann Zarco gives up. This time no fall, but an equally effective return to the pits. For Quartararo, it’s 12th place. We are already looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix in two weeks to benefit once again from French know-how.

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