The Growing Desire for Sarah Luebbert to Play for the Mexican Team

Without a doubt since his arrival in our country, Sarah Luebbert It fell like a glove, always being a key piece in Women’s AmericaTherefore, the possibility of him playing for the Mexican team It is a desire that is growing more and more in the national environment, but for now the player only thinks about her current moment and the clash against Tigers in the next week.

“Good question. Right now I’m only focused on this season, on playing for America, I will continue working and give my allbut right now I’m only focused on the day to day,” revealed the azulcrema attacker.

“We know it’s going to be complicated, difficult, but we are training very hard and we have to prove that we can. We have to be forceful in attack and in defense as well.“, he claimed.

On your own, Angel Villacampacoach of the Águilas assured that his team seeks to remove the Amazons from the throne and become the new champions, although he ruled out being the one to describe this duel as a classic.

“Not all teams, what we do know is that the America wants to be the champion teamn, which has to be in the place where the manly one is. He is the rival to beat, but I am not saying it, the numbers, the titles say it, if you want to be in that place you have to defeat that rival, without leaving aside the others, because in Liguilla you are going to face others , but right now the rival, by numbers and titles, is Tigres the rival to beat,” he noted.

“I don’t know if I’m the person who wants to call it a classic, what it is is the rival to beat, the one with the most titles, whoWe want that place and we look for that place and we focus on that place. Of course we take that rivalry as such. These matches have taken on that importance because they want the title of champions,” concluded Villacampa.


2024-04-12 22:20:01
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