The Fall of a Dynasty: Golden State Warriors Ousted in Play-In Tournament

Faces, they say, are the mirror of the soul. And in the team that was the most dominant in recent times in world basketball, that statement was true. Stephen Curry, their general captain, put his arms over his head. Klay Thompson, after one of his worst games as a professional (0 points, 0/10 TC and 0/6 T3), on the verge of crying. The Golden State Warriors fell, with all the law, against the Sacramento Kings (118-94) in the first round of the Play-In. The one that eliminates you without the possibility of more. The one that causes Curry, Klay and Draymond Green not to enter the Playoffs for the first time since they have been together. The death of the dynasty that changed everything. With a Spanish flavor, as Usman Garuba came to play the final two minutes (0+1+1).

Curry, chased by his defenders.

The Warriors were everything. Four rings (2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022) with a style of play that destroyed all rivals, limited the great player of his generation, LeBron James, and elevated Stephen Curry. From 73-9 to the crushing after calling up Kevin Durant. And in 2022, a dance against all odds. Little of that remains after leaving Golden 1 in Sacramento beaten. “This is life. This is how it works. You can’t stay at the top forever.”“said Steve Kerr, their architect from the bench. Nobody knows how they will come back. “There are a lot of things to think about,” added the coach.

This is life. Is that how it works. You can’t stay at the top forever

Steve Kerr

To the Warriors nothing came of them. Sacramento controlled the pace and rebound, and built dangerous sets from the start (41-25, 17′). Of the Kuminga’s hand got into the game at halftime (54-50, 24′), but the Kings continued to accelerate. The triples of Murray, Fox, Sabonis inside and a boy that no one was counting on, Keon Ellis, opened the margin. Curry, with some triple and without so much magic, was trying to stop two stars… and an undrafted one in 2022. But the reality is that they never got involved.

Kings celebration.

Murray finished with eight triples for 32 points and 9 rebounds, Sabonis had a double-double of 16+12 and Fox (24) and Ellis (15) accompanied to make a clear difference. Without making a mistake, with Keegan Murray’s finish with two minutes remaining after catch and shoot. Curry, with 22 points, the only one who really showed up to measure up. That’s where the Warriors died.

For Spain will count as Usman Garuba’s post-season debut. After his good campaign with the Development League team he was called up, changing his contract for the final stretch. He appeared on the court for two minutes and recorded a rebound and an assist. In 2023-24, already eliminated from the G-League and NBA, he scores 0.5 points in just over three minutes on average on the court. He has played six games with the Warriors.

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