The company at the center of the Rubiales case undertakes an internal audit of RFEF contracts

Gruconsa, the company that is at the center of the Super Cup case for an alleged plot to divert funds from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) under the presidency of Luis Rubiales to a company run by his friend Javier Martínez Alcaide, alias Nene, has launched an internal audit to “verify the details of the contracts” that are the subject of the judicial investigation.

As reported by this installer in a statement, he has had a “working relationship” with Ángel González Segura, brother of the legal director of the RFEF, since 2019 and was hired “for his extensive knowledge of sports facilities.”

And as for Nene, the company assures that it has had “a commercial relationship” with him since 2018 and that “it has provided services as commercial for the firm given his extensive business experience and has also carried out management functions for the works contracted with his collaboration. He details that “his billing from him in charge of the works for the RFEF amounted to a total of 49,000 euros, VAT not included.”

«Gruconsa has executed and delivered the rehabilitation orders in a timely manner to the Royal Spanish Football Federation. “The company states that at all times it has trusted the internal management of the entity regarding its contracting procedures and the internal audit controls available to it,” the statement further says.

2.7% of turnover

He adds that the set of all the works carried out for the Royal Spanish Football Federation “represents 2.7 percent of the company’s total turnover between the years 2019-2023, which exceeded 118 million euros” figures that explain , “evidence that Gruconsa’s income statement has not skyrocketed in the heat of these contracts, but rather is due to the orders it receives from its clients as specialized installers.”

The UCO of the Civil Guard has this company in focus in the separate piece of the Super Cup case that has led to the arrest, among others, of the former president of the Federation Luis Rubiales. The researchers’ thesis is that Ángel González Segura entered Gruconsa through Nene, who already had a previous relationship with the company and shortly after formed a company, Dimastec, which passed into the hands of Nene and began to receive income from the installer. as it invoiced the RFEF for construction contracts.

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