French Fans Outraged as FFBB Retires Tony Parker’s Jersey

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

Medalist on multiple occasions with the French team and a true legend of the selection, Tony Parker will also have the right to a huge honor in a few weeks. But the announcement in question paradoxically provoked the ire of French supporters…

Tony Parker is not only the Spurs and the NBA titles, but also a great career in the jersey of the French team. The leader was notably European champion in 2013, has no less than 181 selections with the tricolor jersey and has established himself as the best all-time player in his position. It is for these reasons that the FFB decided to withdraw its number 9 in a few weeks.

The FFBB removes the TP jersey, the fans furious

The practice in question is common among clubs and represents a great honor for the players concerned; TP also had the right to do so in San Antonio where he spent no less than 18 seasons. On the other hand, this would be something new for the Blues where the collective has always prevailed over the rest, whatever the individual level. As a result, the federation’s decision was not accepted at all by the fans:

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There is a simple adage: no one is above the French team. The FFBB, however, seems to be changing direction by removing Tony Parker’s jersey, which could open the door to other tributes of the genre. And for Blues fans, it’s a decision that won’t work.

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