Tennis Corruption Scandals Continue: Player and Referee Suspended for Manipulating Matches

The world of tennis continues to be the subject of controversy due to recurring sanctions for corruption in many of its settings. In these acts, carried out under investigation, it is very common for the players to be the main people involved.

What is known

In a recent case of this type, last Tuesday, April 9, the Spanish tennis player Aaron Cortés was sanctioned with a 15-year suspension for admitting the violation of 35 rules of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program between 2016 and 2018. He must also pay a bail of $75,000 and will not be able to participate in any tennis tournament.

However, this time the turn went to an investigated referee. This Monday, April 15, the International Tennis Integrity Agency, in an official statement, published the sanction that Antonio Casa, a naturalized Italian, faces for several offenses.

The Brazilian-born, nationally certified referee, has officiated in ITF tournaments and was a linesman at the ATP Challenger level. The ITIA confirmed the cooperation of the now former referee in the investigation.

“Casa used his right to be heard by an Anti-Corruption officer,” mentions the statement issued by the entity, which also lists the charges presented and confirmed by the accused himself. Among these is the attempt to commit an act of corruption, the manipulation of matches for betting purposes and the facilitation of betting on the matches in which he was a judge.

The suspension prohibits the person involved from officializing, attending or participating in any event authorized or organized by ITIA members. Among the most important are ATP, ITF, WTA and Wimbledon. In addition to this, he was sentenced to pay a fine of $25,000 of which $17,000 is suspended if the sanctions are fully complied with.

The suspension begins on March 28, 2024 and lasts until September 27, 2031. That is, you will not be able to participate for 7 years and six months from the established date. The sanction is added to the many presented by the ITIA for cases of corruption in tennis.

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