Tenerife beats Girona without problems (74-60)

Lenovo Tenerife beat Basket Girona without excessive problems (74-60) in a match that dominated from the first moments. It was not a particularly brilliant match, although the scoreboard reflected the dominance of Lenovo Tenerife, which moved with differences that exceeded ten points, but did not exceed fifteen.

Good initial approach by Basket Girona, who easily found the weak points of the Tenerife team, but their strategy and plays almost never ended successfully, despite their good execution. There were errors in the launches by both teamsuntil Tim Abromaitos managed to score a triple to begin to widen the distances between one team and the other.

From that 9-4 (min. 6) it went to 19-6 (min.9) with good offensive and defensive work from Cook and the good direction of Marcelinho Huertas. Lenovo Tenerife moved with that advantage throughout the entire match. Basket Girona came closer at times (24-19), but once again the locals made a difference on the scoreboard. At half-time it was reached with a 12-point difference in favor of the islanders (42-30) and everything to be decided in the last two quarters, but the way the match was developing, it did not give the feeling that the rival could do much. damage to the Lenovo Tenerife. And so it was.

With the difference that the locals had, it seemed enough to face what remained against a Girona that remained on the same line of play, without looking for other alternatives to try to turn the game around. On the contrary, the home team remained firm, taking advantage of the rival’s doubts to score. Huertas tried and got it right, Cook too. They were the two best in attack for a Tenerife team that knew how to maintain control of the rebound and not allow Basket Girona to take the initiative. Birch in the inside game and Iroegbu were the two best of a Basket Girona that lost Kenny Chery at the beginning of the last quarter due to a knee injury.


Lenovo Tenerife (19+23+12+20). Huertas (21), Sastre (-), Cook (17), Doornekamp (5), Sheremadini (5) –initial-, Guerra (2), Fitipaldo (6), Guy (9) and Abromaitis (9)

Basket Girona (9+21+11+19). Iroegbu (18), Pons (2), Marcos (7), Martínez (5), Birch (11) –initial-, Colom (3), Chery (-), Susinkas (9), Vila (-), Caicedo ( 2) and Sorolla (3).

Referees: Cortés, Torres and Zamorano.

2024-04-07 15:41:37
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