Successful Interclub Judo Meeting in Lurcy-Lévis

Lurcy-Lévis. Interclub judo meeting.

Lurcy-Lévis Judo opened its doors for training between judokas from the clubs of Sancoins, Charenton-du-Cher, and La Guerche-sur-l’Aubois, in the three of Cher, and Cérilly. More than twenty fighters had the opportunity to share this moment under the direction of David VLAJ, 4th dan trainer. This boded well for Antoine De Roover, recently returned to Lurcy-Lévis, since he won the Rhône championship in Lyon. Satisfied with this success, the president of Lurcy-Lévis judo, Nicolas Guérin, is already thinking of repeating this experience.

2024-04-07 05:28:48
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