New Olgiate Olona Stadium Inaugural Tricolor Ribbon Sold Out Quickly

Not even time to cut the inaugural tricolor ribbon which was immediately sold out for the brand new stadium in Olgiate Olona.

Beyond 500 people, crowded everywhere, many of whom occupied standing room only, witnessed the cutting of the ribbon of the new gym by Giovanni Montano, Mayor of Olgiate Olona.

The number 1 citizen of Olgiate with a very excited voice delivers an eagerly awaited sports facility to the city, words of the Mayor: “… for a very long time and it is for this reason that I consider this inauguration the realization of a dream and, at the same time, also the achievement of an act of justice. We had an obligation to our citizenship and, today, finally, we can say that we have closed a virtuous circle“.

The considerations full of genuine enthusiasm of Mayor Montano are followed by those of the same tenor released by Andrea Albertinigeneral manager of the Ma.Go. Basketthe basketball club born from the collaboration between Marnate Basket and Gorlazy Gorla Maggiorewhich was awarded the contract and will manage the Olgiate stadium for the next ten years: “We are really happy for this opportunity first of all becauseexplains Albertini -, the new sports facility in Olgiate Olona is simply beautiful in all its parts. Excellent playing field, numerous and well-equipped changing rooms, rooms that can be used as offices, suitable meeting rooms for technical meetings, massage room, infirmary and/or medical clinic and, last but not least, a very large bar with balcony overlooking it overlooks the playing field and a terrace which offers a pleasant view of the garden outside the gym. Like Polisportiva Ma.Go. we are therefore more than proud to be able to manage this structure designed and built with cutting-edge criteria and, even more, we are happy to have finally found our “home” in Olgiate, in a city which from a geographical point of view is central to the Marnate and Gorla. It is therefore an immense pleasure to be able to offer our over 500 members another important point of reference to further develop the practice of basketball in an area which, historically, has always followed basketball with interest and great passion. Thus, we are sure, thanks to the Olgiate gym we will be able to introduce many boys and girls to basketball and, making the excellent thought expressed by Mayor Montano my own, we will try to detach our young people from the improper use of smartphones and computers by offering them a ‘healthy and really fun activity“.

Massimo Turconi

2024-04-07 08:27:26
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