Success for Panama in the Bolivarians of Youth/COP: Multiple Medals Won by Athletes

Panama had a good presentation in the struggle of the Bolivarians of Youth / COP

Bolivia/Athletes Yumaira Russell 49kg and Jeanice Mejia 57kg win a bronze medal by completing all the preliminary rounds in their categories and winning their last fights.

The athlete was also in competition Yurielis Sanchez in 65 kgante Ecuador, Venezuela and Boliviathe latter was won by the Panamanian 10-0.

While Christian Pitty was awarded the bronze medal in it judocategory of -81 kg.

He Sunday April 14 fighting continues Kadir Quiñones in the 45kg, Leonidas Chacon in the 51kg, Ediodexi Pérez in 60kg y Santiago Valenzuela in 71kg.

COP Information

2024-04-13 23:31:07
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