Rabotnicki Dominates Phoenix 2010 in Semi-Finals of First Macedonian Basketball League Play-Offs

Workers and the third time was better than that Phoenix 2010now away (101:85) 3:0 on aggregate and in the semi-finals of the play-offs. First Macedonian basketball league. The winner was decided in the third quarter, when the away team gained a significant advantage, meaning they won 34:19.

In the first half, when the score was balanced, the home team only defended. After the 20th minute of the match, Rabotnicki was ahead by 50:46, although not convincingly.

However, unlike their opponent, the red-whites continued their effective offensive play in the third quarter. The best shooting performance of the match was followed by SC “Jane Sandanski”. In 10 minutes, they scored 2010 points, or 65 more points than Phoenix 84, with a margin that was not reached on the eve of the final period (34:15).

A “six” from the visiting team scored 10 or more points. The most 24 rebounds came from Rikic (24 in total), the tallest player on the court (he also grabbed 10 rebounds). From the national team, Gjuroski scored 18 points, Djeletovic scored 17, Decousy scored 15, and Trice and Soshkic scored 10 points each.

In Phoenix 2010, Americans Matthews (18), Jones (15) and Rees (13 points) shined, while Dimchevski got 12 points and Zetov got 11 points.

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