Success for Judo Club Kodakan at the Autonomous Cadet and Children’s Qualifier in Valladolid

This weekend the Autonomous cadet and children’s qualifier for the Spanish School Judo Championship was held in Valladolid, where the Kodokan Judo club traveled with eight athletes, five in the cadet category and three in the Children’s category. In the morning it was the cadets’ turn.

In the Men’s category, Marcos Vera won a hard-fought silver medal and only lost in the final against a very good competitor from Burgos. Izan Labanda in the same weight rose to the 3rd step in a well-deserved bronze medal, also losing his place in the final. with the subsequent winner.

Judo Club Kodakan3

Álvaro Bernabé, also in the same weight, could not repechage and was left out of the medals. The club had three competitors in the same weight achieving two medals, in a weight of -60kg with many Competitors

Ignacio Gonzalo, at a different weight, also had no luck losing his first fight and later the repechage, leaving him out of the medals.

In the female category Leonor Blázquez won the Gold medal, which gives her a pass to a new Spanish Championship that will be held in Pamplona on April 27 and 28, it is the third for her, both in the children’s category and this first in his first year in the Cadet Category.

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In the afternoon the Children’s turn. A category with less experience given the youth of the competitors. In the men’s category there was no luck and both Pablo Carretero and Juan Sanz could not go beyond the 1st fight.

In the female category, in her 1st competition at the Autonomous level, Naiara Arribas won a well-deserved and hard-fought Bronze medal that will make her grow little by little, since Naiara has been doing judo for a very short time and still has a lot of time to improve.

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Also highlighting Angela Diaz’s 7th place in the European Junior Jiu-jitsu Championship held in Romania this weekend, Angela from the Calatayud Jiu-jitsu club, has been training at the club for 2 years due to her studies.

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