Stuttgart Reds Split Series in Derby Against Heidenheim Heideköpfe


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17 April 2024

On the second matchday of the Baseball Bundesliga, the Stuttgart Reds had the derby against Heidenheim Heideköpfe. The TV Cannstatt team showed its potential in both games, but was only able to achieve one win.

In the best baseball weather, over 600 spectators came to the Stuttgart Reds’ first home game at Cannstatter Schnarrenberg last Friday evening. You should see an exciting duel for a long time. The first points for the guests came in the first inning, but the Reds immediately equalized to 1-1 with a home run from Reds newcomer Jack Barrie. The next five innings featured strong pitching and defensive action from both teams. It remained tied until the bottom of the sixth inning. Reds pitcher Kevin Riello only allowed one more base hit. The Reds were only able to score again in the seventh inning. After a base hit by Moritz Köhler, head coach Rick Jacques decided that the following batsmen should each bunt, i.e. just let the ball drip off the bat. It showed that this game can be very successful and that a lot of pressure is put on the defense. The Heidekopfs failed to convert any of the Reds’ three bunts into an out. The Reds were able to score three runs to make it 4-1.

However, the Reds failed to carry the momentum into the final two innings. The Reds’ pitchers had trouble hitting the strike zone consistently, which led to seven bases on balls and also seven runs in the eighth inning for Heidenheim. In a similar way, two more runs were added in the last inning, meaning the Reds had to lose the game 10-4 after a very strong start.

The second game of the day was scheduled for the next day, this time in Heidenheim. The game started furiously for the Reds. Two runs were scored with four base hits in the first inning. The Heidekopfs gave the Reds a sense of déjà vu in the third inning. The Reds’ pitching wobbled again for a short time and allowed 3 runs for Heidenheim to make it 2:3. In the fifth inning, Austin Bull tied the game after a base hit from Jack Barrie.

In the seventh inning, the TV Cannstatt team set the course for victory: Another five base hits by Fabian Beck, Austin Bull, Moritz van Bergen, Jack Barrie and Danilo Weber allowed the Reds to score three runs to make it 6:3. A home run by the Heideköpfe to make it 6:4 was just cosmetic results for the Heideköpfe, the Reds secured their second win of the young season.

There was also strong pitching on both sides in the second game. Reds pitcher Yaferson Lopez in particular showed what he could do and threw 14 strikeouts as well as a record-breaking 181 pitches!

The Reds are heading to the league leaders in Regensburg next weekend. Against the top team, it is important for the Stuttgart Reds to build on the performances they have shown and also achieve victories against the Legionnaires. The games take place on Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. The Legionnaires will show both games live on YouTube.

Pictures of the first game from team photographer Iris Drobny can be found here

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