Celebrating the Champions: Winners of the Provincial School Sports Finals at the Frontón Segovia

Winners after the awards ceremony at the Frontón Segovia./ DEPUTATION

Last Saturday the provincial finals of School Sports were held in the disciplines of badminton, athletics, table tennis and judo. In addition, the provincial school climbing day organized by the Segovia Provincial Council and the IMD also took place with the collaboration of the Segovian climbing sports schools (Palazuelos, El Espinar, Segovia and La Granja) and the Segovia Delegation of the Sports Federation of Mountain Climbing and Hiking of Castilla y León.

The best in the climbing modality./ DEPUTATION

In this concentration, held at the municipal climbing wall of the La Albuera Sports City, more than fifty climbers between 10 and 17 years old gathered to try out the different rope climbing routes and the different ‘blocks’ designed by the climbing school technicians. As a priority, the purpose of this day was to encourage schoolchildren from different climbing schools in Segovia to share a morning climbing together, promoting the strengthening of the climbing community in the province. In addition, those participants who belonged to the highest-level children’s and cadet categories qualified to participate in the Regional School Age Sports final to be held in Valladolid.
Regarding the provincial finals in the disciplines of badminton, table tennis, athletics and judo; The winners received their well-deserved medals after an exciting morning at the Frontón Segovia, the San Cristóbal pavilion and the Antonio Prieto athletics tracks where these finals were held. On April 27, the rest of the finals will be held in different venues, and the traditional awards ceremony will be held at the Frontón Segovia.

Warming up before the judo tournament./ DEPUTATION

Female Prebenjamin 1
1. Sofia Das Dores, La Lastrilla
2. Jimena Ouez, La Lastrilla
3. Jimena Cord, Torrecaballeros
3. Emma González, La Lastrilla
Female Prebenjamin 2
1. Emilia Sanz, La Lastrilla
2. Noa Galán, Torrecaballeros
3. Paula de La Cruz, El Espinar
3. Emma Serrano, Torrecaballeros
Female Prebenjamin 3
1. Marina Puente, Torrecaballeros
2. Isabel Asia, El Espinar
3. Cayetana Jiménez, El Espinar
Male Prebenjamin 1
1. Zonhair El Ajimi, Palazuelos
2. Lucas Antequera, Palazuelos
3. Sergio Jáñez, Cuéllar
3. Martin Plaza, Palazuelos
Male Prebenjamin 2
1. Mario Pérez, Trescasas
2. Ayan Voica, Cuéllar
3. Mario Bernabé, Palazuelos
3. Aitor García, El Espinar
Male Prebenjamin 3
1. Pablo Sánchez, Trescasas
2. Mateo Moreno, El Espinar
3. Erick Vázquez, La Lastrilla
Male Prebenjamin 4
1. Arturo Gómez, Palazuelos
2. Álex Arranz, Cuéllar
3. Ángel Alano, Cuéllar
Male Prebenjamin 5
1. Martin del Ría, Palazuelos
2. Ángel Alano, Cuéllar
Benjamin Female 1
1. Martina Gómez, Palazuelos
2. Yireh Volquez, La Lastrilla
3. Olivia Largo, Torrecaballeros
Benjamin Female 2
1. Diara Olmos, El Espinar
2. Elisabeth Elena, Palazuelos
Benjamin Female 3
1. Martina Hernández Palazuelos
2. Marta García Palazuelos
Benjamin Female 4
1. Lía Fernández, Palazuelos
2. Carla Bernabé, La Lastrilla
Benjamin Male 1
1. Jesús Fernández, Los Almendros
2. Miguel de León, Archpriest Hita
3. Alie Atlob, Arcipreste Hita
3. Mateo Pascual, Los Almendros
Benjamin Male 2
1. Levin Kikos, Palazuelos
2. Unai García, Palazuelos
3. Hector Melero, Palazuelos
3. Hugo Álvarez, El Espinar
Benjamin Male 3
1. Ivan Lazarus, Tavern
2. José Ángel Martín, Torrecaballeros
3. Luis Pastor, Trescasas
3. Héctor Alonso, Trescasas
Benjamin Male 4
1. Marcos Santos, La Lastrilla
2. Milar Chacón, Santa Clara
3. Adrián Hernangómez, Face. Hita
3. Miguel Reyes, Torrecaballeros
Benjamin Male 5
1. Oliver Gómez, La Lastrilla
2. Mateo Martín, Palazuelos
3. José Luis López, Palazuelos
3. Daniel Martín, La Lastrilla
Benjamin Male 6
1. Mateo Sanz, La Lastrilla
2. Álex Cristóbal, La Lastrilla
3. Millán Hernández, Palazuelos
3. Mario Herguedas, Cuéllar
Benjamin Male 7
1. Uriel Mercado, Trescasas
2. Guille Salamanca, La Lastrilla
3. Izan Aguileras, El Espinar
3. Musa Amghar, El Espinar
Benjamin Male 8
1. Alberto Aparizo, Tabanera
2. Alejandro Herrero, La Lastrilla
3. Damián Sainz, El Espinar

Female and Male Alevín 1
1. Pablo Bernardos, Los Almendros
2. Martina Sanz, Santa Clara
3. Emma Arranz, Santa Clara
3. David Benito, Palazuelos
Female and Male Alevín 2
1. Marcos Valverde, Tabanera
2. Nerea Delgado, Tabanera
3. Pablo García, Valverde Majano
Male Alevín 1
1. Mateo Reyes, Palazuelos
2. Marcos Bravo, El Espinar
3. Álvaro Burgos, Palazuelos
3. Ángel Andrés, El Espinar
Male Alevín 2
1. Jalal El Hajimi, Palazuelos
2. Mateo Jiménez, Cuéllar
3. Alberto Sanz, Palazuelos
Children’s Female
1. Edurne García, Palazuelos
2. Naia Tara, San Ildefonso
3. Sara Casanova, El Espinar
3. Carla Suárez, El Espinar
Male Child 1
1. Luke Managadze, Cuellar
2. Diego García, Palazuelos
3. Rodrigo García, Palazuelos
Male Child 2
1. Julio Torrego, San Ildefonso
2. Javier de La Cruz, El Espinar
3. Mario Campillo, Cuéllar

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