Sparks fly between Alonso and Sainz, to commissioners after their incident in China

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz have starred in a vibrant fight in the sprint race in China which has ended in the worst way for the Asturian and with problems for the Madrid native as well. In the very aggressive fight for the podium, both touched and Alonso had to retire due to a puncture.

Carlos, who managed to finish fifth, although with problems in his car that have prevented him from aiming for the podium, has shown his anger after the race, when he spoke to the DAZN microphones and accused Alonso of playing to the limit: “He made an optimistic move to return it to me that cost him and me the race,” he said.

Fernando, for his part, was much calmer and acknowledged that “We were asking the tires more than necessary to maintain the pace, we pushed as hard as possible, although we enjoyed it.”

After the race, both drivers have been called to testify before stewards about the incident.

2024-04-20 04:54:49
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