Spanish Tennis Player Aaron Cortés Receives 15-Year Suspension for Match-Fixing and Corruption

In the sporting world, match-fixing money is not a thing of the past. Sports betting, corruption and bribery are issues that unfortunately have not ceased to exist in any sport.


This Tuesday, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) confirmed a 15-year suspension for Spanish tennis player Aaron Cortés after he admitted breaking 35 rules of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program between 2016 and 2018. .

The tennis player, who reached number 955 in the world, admitted having participated in match-fixing, bribery, illegal betting and paying organizers in exchange for invitations to events.

From the beginning of the investigation, Cortés, 29, cooperated with the authorities to reveal the facts that finally ended up disqualifying him.

Added to the suspension time, and due to the faults committed, the tennis player must pay a bail of $75,000 (more than 280 million pesos) of which $56,250 will be forgiven with the condition of not repeating bad practices.

Starting March 27, 2024 and ending March 26, 2039, Cortés is disqualified and prohibited from playing, directing or even attending any event sponsored or authorized by members of the International Tennis Integrity Agency. . Among these, ATP, WTA and Wimbledon tournaments, as well as tournaments organized by any national association.

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