Shakeup at Alemannia Aachen: Coach Vladyslav Moschenski Removed, Faton Popova Takes Over

With five game days to go, Alemannia Aachen’s A-Juniors are in fifth place in the table as promoted teams, far away from the relegation zone. For coach Vladyslav Moschenski it’s still over at the Tivoli; On Monday afternoon, Sascha Eller informed the 27-year-old of his exemption by telephone. The 2-2 draw including a last-minute goal against bottom side Verl last weekend was pushed into the background.

Coach caught off guard

“I am disappointed, this decision comes as a surprise to me, I was already deeply involved in squad planning for the coming season. “I have to swallow that first,” said Moschenski when asked. The 27-year-old took over Alemannia’s U19 team last season and achieved promotion from the Middle Rhine League to the Bundesliga. In the coming season, Aachen’s A-juniors will almost certainly play in the top division – then the DFB youth league.

Alemannia’s strong young talent: Vlady Moschenski’s U19

So it couldn’t have been due to the sporting achievements. “I don’t want to comment on the reasons in detail. I can only say: In almost two years I have always tried to work according to clear principles, to create a culture of performance and to structure it accordingly,” said Moschenski, indicating a “contradiction with the club”. This Wednesday he will come back to Tivoli to say goodbye to the team.

Faton Popova takes over

When asked, managing director Eller spoke of “different views on how we want to move the youth sector forward” and a desired change in the cooperation between the first team and U19. The playing style of the two teams is so different at the moment that it is difficult for the juniors to gain a foothold with the professionals. “We need training geared towards the first team and closer integration. Vladyslav Moschenski wasn’t so open to it,” Eller added.

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In the managing director’s eyes, the change should be initiated this season. There are already various options in the long term, and there will be discussions about them in the coming weeks. In the short term, an old acquaintance will take over the U19 team: Faton Popova, who was active for Alemannia’s second and first teams from 2005 to 2010, will initially coach the remaining five games. The 39-year-old former assistant coach of 1. FC Düren should generally be involved in youth work and can now gain insights earlier than expected.

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