Self-Defense Courses for Healthcare Workers: Addressing the Increasing Violence in Hospitals

Al Umberto I Polyclinic Of Roma have been organised judo courses for doctors and nurses. In recent times, attacks in the hospital have increased more and more and so the hospital decided to organize self-defense courses for the staff. At first it seemed like fake news to me and I almost started laughing imagining doctors dueling with patients by swinging a stethoscope on their heads instead of a nunchaku, but then I stopped to think about it for a moment and I felt immersed in this problem much more than I thought.

There is an air of anger around. Not just in hospitals. Every day I read news from professors. who are attacked in class by students and parents. So I asked myself: what if one day it happened to me? I don’t know about you but I probably wouldn’t know how to react. Maybe I would stay still and maybe my teacher would stay still too. I think this is the most normal reaction, when faced with a situation that you don’t expect and that should never happen. So what should be done to solve this problem? I do not know and I wouldn’t even know where to start. Only one thing I’m sure of… Turning him into a ninja wouldn’t solve the situation, in fact, I’d probably feel even less safe.

2024-04-13 15:25:27
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