Schmeichel’s Rise: A Key Player for Anderlecht in the Quest for the Title

“An Anderlecht goalkeeper must earn points for his team. That’s the only way to win a title. Schmeichel’s record is balanced: he gained his team a few points and he lost a few. Moris reported it to the Union. ”

This analysis by Silvio Proto dates from three months ago and was justified by judging the first half of the season for Kasper Schmeichel (37 years old). Things have changed since then with several benchmark matches for the Dane and notably a five-star performance against the Union. “He has clearly started to bring in points on his own,” says Proto. Expectations about him were high. He has a name, a track record, a status. Everyone thought he would perform at his current level from the start of the season.”

Silvio Proto has won four playoff titles. ©BelgaKasper Schmeichel speaks for the first time: “Wasilewski taught me what Anderlecht means”

And fashion diesel

One number sums up its renewal: 6.5. In 2024, it averages 6.5 in the DH ratings without ever dropping below 6 out of 10. The poor performances of 2023 are far behind it. “He made one or the other mistake and we didn’t forgive him because he arrived to pull the team up,” summarizes Proto.

His weight was singled out as was his lack of speed. He will never again be the Schmeichel of the title with Leicester eight years ago but compensates in other ways. “Let’s take a phase against the Union as an example,” explains Proto. He misses his exit but manages to refocus directly to make a good save. He forgets directly to be on top in the second phase. That’s a sign of a confident and experienced goalkeeper. Against Genk, Anthony Moris does the same thing but he is not in place to compensate for his missed outing.”

Proto, De Wilde, Boeckx and Munaron question Schmeichel: “He is the victim of a witch hunt”

It is on his line that Schmeichel is the most impressive according to specialists. “Warleson, the Cercle goalkeeper, is also enormous in his reflexes. Schmeichel has regained explosiveness. He is more athletic than at the start of the season, which allows him to get out of hot balls. Then, on the feet, it’s a real treat.”

The goalkeeper who prevented the most goals

Brian Riemer affirmed, with supporting table, that his goalkeeper had the best ratio of offensive and defensive contribution in the Pro League. Wyscout allows us to affirm that Schmeichel has avoided more goals than any other last line of defense in the Belgian league this season. This calculation claims that he prevented 8.2 goals from being scored. He is the only playoff goalie 1 in the top 6, with Vandevoordt only sixth (5.4) and Warleson eighth (4). Anthony Moris finds himself at the other end of the spectrum with 2.5 more goals conceded than expected.

Anderlecht would have conceded eight more goals without Schmeichel.

“Ten goals difference between the goalkeepers of the top two in the championship is huge,” says Proto. Watch the playoffs. Schmeichel, Warleson and Jackers took points for their team and who is having a good playoff run so far? Anderlecht, the Circle and the Club. I remain convinced that to be champion you need three elements: a solid defense, a striker who scores and a great goalkeeper.”

Schmeichel was decisive against the Union.

The man for big meetings

Silvio Proto would like to recall one of his statements at the start of the year. “I said he would be there in the playoffs. Schmeichel confirms what I said. He is a big match goalie. It comes out under pressure.”

Schmeichel is one of the RSCA players who knows the pressure of the title race. “Even though he had nothing to lose with Leicester at the time, he knows that one mistake can change everything. This experience is crucial and that’s why I can’t imagine releasing the pressure. A goalkeeper who has experienced everything like him lives for these hot moments.”

Should Anderlecht keep it?

The next seven games could be Schmeichel’s last at club. Given his performances and the lack of competition – Mads Kikkenborg is, according to Brian Riemer, not ready to be number 1 next season – the question of a contract extension is becoming more and more apparent. “He performs well, doesn’t cost very much (Editor’s note: he has an estimated salary of 250,000 euros per year, one of the lowest in the locker room). The calculation seems quick, right? Keeping it seems like a good idea. It remains to be seen what his motivation is. He signed to prepare for the Euro. The Champions League seems like a nice carrot.”

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