French Badminton Duo Potentially Deprived of Paris 2024 Olympic Games Due to Calculation Error

They could be deprived of Paris 2024 Games because… of a calculation error. As revealed by RMC Sport, the Olympic dream of Ronan Labar and Lucas Corvée is now compromised. After the European Championships in Germany, together they secured the French number one position in the “Race to Paris” ranking, synonymous with qualification for the Olympic Games, ahead of Christo and Toma Junior Popov.

“Our stomachs are in knots”

But Tuesday, on the website of the BWF, the international federation of badminton, the ranking was surprisingly turned upside down. The men’s doubles pair Labar/Corvée now finds itself behind the Popovs in the standings, 29 points behind. A misunderstanding, when the ranking should no longer change by April 30, the official end of Olympic qualification. A calculation error by the International Federation is believed to be the cause of this modification. While the BWF has not yet reacted, Ronan Labar expressed his distress in a message sent to RMC Sport.

“Our stomachs have been in knots since last night,” he said. “It’s a real earthquake, an explosion that we are experiencing. The dream of a life that appears then disappears without explanation. I personally spent a sleepless night dwelling on myself all this year, all the sacrifices we had to make to give ourselves a chance to qualify for these Olympic Games All the nights away from my partner and my little daughter who kept asking for “daddy”, the twice-daily training, the non-existent holidays. Everything. this time spent on our sporting project, the project of a lifetime in fact.” The French Federation has contacted the International Federation and the two players are also awaiting a response.

A “surreal situation”

“For a week and the last tournament counted for the Olympic race, we were number 1 French and in the eligible quotas to represent our country at the Olympics. Yesterday, an update of the ranking was made. To our greatest surprise, we we are left with a reduction in points leading to a loss of a few places in the ranking and a potential qualification strongly called into question. This withdrawal of points would be linked to a calculation error dating back to May 2023 during the Sudirman Cup, the first competition counted for. the Olympic ranking. The BWF would have awarded us – as well as many players – additional points because of an error in their accounting system”, laments Ronan Labar.

And added: “All the tournaments of the Olympic year were played with an incorrect ranking. The seeds, the lists of qualified players in each competition, the athletes’ strategy, were built on this error. ” Distraught, Ronan Labar and Lucas Corvée are now waiting for an official press release from the BWF “explaining this last minute modification before deciding what follow-up we will give to this surreal situation”.

Original article published on RMC Sport

2024-04-18 14:00:41
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