Sarah Fischer slightly improved in Olympic qualification

Weightlifter Sarah Fischer improved her ranking for Olympic qualification at the World Cup in Phuket, Thailand, but participation in the Games in Paris is still unlikely. With 104 kg in the snatch and 132 kg in the clean and jerk, she achieved a duel performance of 236 kg. She reached third place in the B group and moved up one place in the Olympic qualification rankings.

The qualifying competitions for Paris are now over, but whether there will be enough for the games will not be determined until June, when all nations have confirmed their claim to possible starting places. However, the chances are not very good.

David Fischer is threatened with suspension

Her brother David Fischer, who has been playing for Bulgaria since 2020, is now drawing attention to himself with negative headlines. According to current information from the International Testing Agency (ITA), the 25-year-old was found to have the anabolic steroid Trenbolone in a doping sample on March 10, 2023. Fischer is therefore suspended and faces a ban of up to four years after the ongoing proceedings are completed.


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