Rubiales conditioned the 40 million from the Super Cup to the payment of a “success bonus” to Piqué

Rubiales conditioned the 40 million from the Super Cup to the payment of a “success bonus” to Piqué

Luis Rubiales conditioned the 40 million euros that was going to win the Federation the contract to run the Spain Supercup to Saudi Arabia to what will pay a “success bonus” to Kosmos, Gerard Piqué’s company. That is, at least, what Delia Rodrigo believes, the judge who is investigating the Super Cup case in the Investigative Court Number 4 of Majadahonda and who yesterday decreed that Rubiales cannot leave Spain without judicial authorization. In addition, her letter also hints at the possibility of a possible payment in kind in the form of land in Saudi Arabia so that Rubiales and/or his managers could operate hotel businesses.

In the order of precautionary measures, to which El Periódico de España, from the same publishing group, has had access, the judge explains that “from the aforementioned contract it is clear that The Royal Spanish Football Federation held a position of guarantor regarding the economic rights of the Kosmos company.considering the payment of the so-called “success bonus” like a essential obligation of the agreementreserving the right to unilaterally terminate contract”.

In that sense, the judge puts into dimension that this agreement, which Rubiales boasted yesterday as the “most important in the history of football”, “represented for the Federation an income of approximately 40 million euros for the period 2020-2029” , and that everything was conditioned to “a economic eventuality typical of the private sphere of the agreement between Kosmos and SELA”, the institution that represents the Saudi Government.

During his statement yesterday, to which this newspaper has had exclusive access, the former president of the RFEF pointed out, however, that it was Piqué and his company who went hand in hand with the representatives of Saudi Arabia to transmit the proposal. The 4 million euros annually that, to this day, the Saudis continue to transfer to Kosmos accounts as bonuses, were not, Rubiales said, the concern of the Federation.

“The Kosmos commission with the Arabs does not affect us, really whether it was 3% or 68% we did not care,” Rubiales said during his statement in front of the judge. “We negotiated the money that the Federation received, the rest is something that Kosmos would negotiate with its client and they would solve it in the best way possible. If they agreed, who are we to say anything?”

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