Rocchese-Atletico Nuceria: the perfect day for cheering

Spring has exploded and the day is truly beautiful. Perfect for a match and even more so for its splendid contour that cheering often constitutes. Davide and I arrive by scooter at the Bar in Roccapiemonte, the usual meeting place for the local ultras who welcome us warmly for a beer before the match and an inevitable chat about the ultras movement. When the match approaches, they accompany us to the “Duca Enzo Fieschi Ravaschieri” Municipal Stadium where, once we arrive and after wishing them a good match, we are ready to carry out the roles that brought us here.

The ultras enter, arrange their pieces and warm up with a nice clap, demonstrating their presence before the teams enter the field. Timid applause also from the balconies. No rival fans. With their patches, also two flags.

These are the first notes I put down while the match has been underway for a few minutes. And the truth is that I am pleasantly surprised by the ultras’ cheering performance. We are talking about Rocchese – Atletico Noceria, a match between two first category teams in which you probably don’t expect such support. Instead, the Rocchesi are a nice group, compact and coordinated. Clapping and drums accompany the whole match with even some torches to add colour.

The atmosphere is lively, heartfelt, the sector is very full and I can see fans of all ages. There is also the presence of a fair number of kids on the sidelines clapping their hands and singing with the ultras and this is the demonstration of a faith handed down through blood and time, well beyond the category. You can sense their desire to return to the Promotion and why not, even dream of something more, because these ultras would deserve it all, who definitely convince with their concrete presence and good performance.

Text and photos by Imma Borrelli

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2024-04-07 17:09:35
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