Renew your spot at the Monumental Stadium: River Plate sets prices for season tickets for upcoming games

The packed Monumental Stadium: a constant postcard in every River Plate game in front of its people (@RiverPlate)

River Plate reported the prices of season tickets to attend the 14 matches that its team will play at the Monumental Stadium in the next Professional Football League. The Núñez entity reported on its official site how fans should do to be able to renew their place in the stadium in the face of the fight to defend the title, given that those led by Martín Demichelis won the crown in 2023.

In the League Cup the Millionaire team played seven home games, but in the upcoming competition they will double their presence at the World Cup venue. Despite this, as detailed in River, the increase in prices amounts to 60.3% compared to the previous tournament, that is, below the accumulated inflation.

The values ​​are: Sívori and Centenario Altas: 92,000 pesos (6,570 per game). San Martín and Belgrano Altas: 186,000 pesos (13,200 per game). Belgrano and San Martín Bajas: 679,000 pesos (48,500 per game). Belgrano and San Martín Medias: 884,000 pesos (63,142 per game).

This Monday the renewal period for Tu Lugar en el Monumental (TLM) was enabled and will extend until Tuesday, April 30 at 8 p.m. for those who wish to renew their same location. The management is done from the club’s official website and interested members can now begin to process it.

Then there will be another deadline for those who want to renew, but in another location, and they will have to wait until Thursday, May 2 at 10 a.m., and the deadline will end on Friday the 3rd at 8 p.m. The club highlighted that these members do not run the risk of losing your place.

River Plate members can now manage their renovation at the Monumental (REUTERS/Cristina Sille)

Meanwhile, those who acquire their spaces in the popular Sivori and Centenario lower areas, if they do not attend, will be able to release them up to 12 hours in advance of the matches. That remainder will then be put up for sale.

The payment methods were also informed on the club’s official website and there is a discount with the BBVA bank card. Additionally, with a credit card the amount can be paid in 1, 3 or 6 installments (with interest and financial cost of the card). With debit it will be in one payment. There is also the possibility of paying in cash in well-known service payment chains.

There is recognition for those members who enter at least an hour and a half before the start of the match in five matches. Those who meet this requirement will have an additional match counted at the time of the attendance count to comply with the rules of Your Place at the Monumental. Advance access makes it easier to organize the event.

With the latest expansions, the Monumental Stadium reached a capacity of 84,567 people and is currently the stadium with the largest capacity in South America. It is a constant to see a full crowd in every match of the Millonario team, which also battles in the Copa Libertadores and the Argentine Cup.

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