Recu IES La Orden Badminton Club to Face Rinconada in Iberdrola Top 10 League Final Rematch in Huelva

Huelva will once again have its annual dose of finals this Saturday. He IES La Orden Badminton Club dispute from 16:50 in it Andres Estrada the return of the final of the Iberdrola Top 10 League in a new edition of the “classic” of Spanish badminton.

Recre IES La Orden and Rinconada face each other for twelfth time in a final for the Division of Honor championship. Although the Sevillian team was the winner on the first four occasions, the following seven have had Huelva color. The eighth in a row is on the way. For it, Paco Ojeda’s men will have to defend the 3-4 lead in the first leg which they got at the Fernando Martín in San José de La Rinconada.

Nevertheless, despite the victory, the income is minimal. The Huelva team won 13 sets in total to La Rinconada’s 12. While in the matches that CB IES La Orden lost they could only take one set, the Sevillians managed to win three in the defeats. Therefore, this being a key factor when breaking the tie, the locals should not let themselves go. In the event of a tie in sets, the points in favor would also be looked at, where they are also ahead although without much difference in this regard.

Where should mark the differences and take advantage of the Recre IES The Order is in the mixed doubles composed of Haideé Ojeda and Pablo Abián. His coach states that “you can count on the fingers of one hand the games they have lost in all these years.” They beat the couple formed by Carlos Piris and Claudia Leal in three sets and will seek to repeat in front of their audience.

He women’s doublesfor its part, won the semi-finals of the European Club Championship last summer and lost in the first leg of the final. Haideé Ojeda and Laura Santos They lost to Beatriz Corrales and Claudia Leal in three sets, so they will seek personal revenge.

Part of La Rinconada’s options involve individual duels. Beatriz Corrales and Sacha Laveque, number one in the corner team, defeated Telma Santos and Christopher Vittoriani respectively. Finally, Pablo Abián and Vivien Sandorhazi won their matches and gave the Huelva team the final 3-4.

Template, psyched to win what would be the ninth league title, faces the return of the final “with the ambition that we have every year to improve ourselves, to be the best and to be there,” said its coach Paco Ojeda in the preview. Furthermore, he states that “they cannot speculate” taking into account the short result of the first leg, although “that has never been our mentality.”

Likewise, the trainer wanted to make a appeal to the fans so that they come en masse to the Andrés Estrada “so that they enjoy what is theirs and that they also support and help us win because the public always wins us the first point.” Tickets will be priced at five euros at the box office for adults and three for children, which can be reduced to two euros for adults as long as the cut-out coupon that appears every day in Huelva Information is shown.

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