Rafael Nadal Focused on Farewell Tour at Roland-Garros

Thomas Siniecki, Media365: published on Thursday April 18, 2024 at 10:50 a.m.

There is only a big month left before Roland-Garros, the ultimate objective of Rafael Nadal who feels that the end is near and does not want to miss his farewell to the tournament of all his exploits.

Rafael Nadal may have lost to Alex De Minaur on Wednesday, in the second round of the Barcelona tournament (7-5, 6-1), but he believes he has taken “a step forward”. And for him, it is very clear, “it was not there that it was worth giving everything and dying, but at Roland Garros”. However, the Spaniard does not hide it, he pronounces the term “farewells” to describe this appearance in Barcelona where he won twelve times – the best total of his career behind Paris and its fourteen successes: “There is a week, I didn’t think I could play again in Barcelona I didn’t want to take any risks, it was clear, the most important thing was to play and I can only thank you for your welcome. had the chance to write my story in Barcelona.”

“After the first set, it was over”

Back after more than three months of absence and his last appearance at the beginning of January in Brisbane, the 37-year-old Majorcan (38 years old in a month and a half, Monday June 3 which will mark the start of the second week at Roland-Garros) focused only on his feelings in view of his big French meeting which is fast approaching: “After the first set, the match was over. This 6-1 against a player of this level, it’s “What had to happen is to accumulate training and feel more comfortable every day, hoping to be a little better prepared next week in Madrid.”

“Rafa” admits that it is difficult for him, at the moment, to be competitive in a two or three hour match, particularly on serve: “I need my body to handle the workload and progress. “It was very nice to be able to play again, I feel much better than ten days ago and I come out stronger.”

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