PSG Breaks Historic Points Record After Champions League Triumph: French Clubs and France Rise in UEFA Rankings

After defeating FC Barcelona and qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions League, PSG broke their historic points record in the general UEFA club rankings. France continues to gain valuable points to distance itself from its pursuers in the general Nations ranking with a view to keeping 5th place for the seasons to come. Full point.

PSG situation:

Although beaten in the first leg (2-3), PSG managed their comeback against FC Barcelona in the Montjuic Olympic Stadium (1-4), qualifying for the semi-finals against Borussia Dortmund. With this favorable result, PSG added 2,000 more points to its annual total. He also added another 1,000 bonus points, bringing his total for the 2023/24 season to 23,000 points. In the current season, PSG is currently tied for 7th with Barcelona. The first five in front were also qualified for the quarter-finals, the three semi-finalists are all ahead of PSG.

While PSG had equaled its best mark by qualifying for the quarter-finals (113,000 points), the Parisian club took advantage of this qualification to beat its historic record in the general classification of clubs over the last five seasons, carrying the highest mark highest ever recorded by a French club in this ranking at 116,000 points. PSG is a solid 4th in the general ranking, far from the podium (14,000 points behind Real Madrid, 3rd) and with a little lead to hold this place until the end of the season, due to the elimination of Liverpool against Atalanta Bergamo.

General club ranking – last 5 seasons:

1. Manchester City 148,000 points
2. Bayern Munich 143,000 points
3. Real Madrid 130,000 points
4. Paris Saint-Germain 116,000 points
5. Liverpool 114,000 points
6. International 101,000 points
7. AS Roma 100,000 points
8. RB Leipzig 97,000 points
9. Chelsea 96,000 points
10. Borussia Dortmund 92,000 points

In the other reference ranking, based on the last ten seasons, PSG is 7th and is back on the heels of Atlético Madrid (6th). If PSG manages to reach the final, the Parisian club will therefore be able to overtake Atlético and keep 6th place at the end of the season. Behind, all the pursuers are eliminated, Paris will be 7th at best. PSG, on the other hand, is still far from its record in this ranking (229,000 points established in 2021/22) but would get closer if it manages to win both rounds and reach the final (5,000 potential points). With a presence in the final, PSG could equal its record (2,000 potential points). With a victory in the final, PSG would shatter their record by collecting 12,000 bonus points. But we are still very, very far away…

General club ranking – last 10 seasons:

1. Real Madrid 370,000 points
2. Bayern Munich 314,000 points
3. FC Barcelona 270,000 points
4. Manchester City 267,000 points
5. Liverpool 241,000 points
6. Atlético Madrid 223,000 points
7. Paris Saint-Germain 221,000 points
8. Juventus 221,000 points
9. Chelsea 210,000 points
10. Sevilla 204,000 points

Situation of France:

There will be a French representative in the semi-final of the Champions League, with PSG. Lille came very close to qualifying for the Europa Conference League, leading 2-0 against Aston Villa after a 2-1 defeat in the first leg but Unaï Emery’s players managed to equalize in the final minutes of regulation time. In overtime, nothing was scored despite the pressure from LOSC and on penalties, with two failures, the Northerners took the door. In the Europa League, Marseille led 1-0 against Benfica, taking the Portuguese into extra time there too.

Over the current season, France has an average of 16,083 points, the 4th European performance of the year. One of the best totals collected by French clubs but far too far from Italy and Germany who should collect the two additional places in the Champions League for next season. In the general ranking of nations, France has largely left the Netherlands, who have not had any representatives since the end of the round of 16. France is a little more than 5,000 points ahead and firmly holds 5th place in this ranking, synonymous with 3 direct qualifying places for the group stage of the Champions League and a place in the League Path for qualifications.

General ranking of nations:

1. England 104,303 points (1/8)
2. Spain 88,739 points (1/8)
3. Italy 88,712 points (3/7)
4. Germany 85.195 points (3/7)
5. France 66,664 points (2/6)
6. Pays-Bas 61,300 points
7. Portugal 56,316 points
8. Belgium 48,600 points (1/5)
9. Türkiye 38,600 points
10. Czech Republic 36,050 points

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