Paris 2024 Olympic Games: the athletes behind the Venus de Milo of the National Assembly demonstrate their “pride”

The colors clash against the white of the stone. Purple, yellow, blue, orange, green, red. Six Venus de Milo, each measuring 2.50 meters, stand majestically in front of the columns of the National Assembly. One holds a racket, her neighbor a javelin, another has a surfboard tucked under her arm. “Paris, showcase of classicism, turns into the capital of sport for a summer…”, summarizes the author of these works Laurent Perbos. Its statues appeared at the beginning of April to celebrate the Olympics. They will be visible for free until September 22.

In the wide corridors of the Palais-Bourbon, we welcome a little fantasy. The artist is congratulated by a slew of deputies. The 53-year-old visual artist likes to mix art and sport. In 2021, for the White Nights, he placed a tennis court on the steps of the François-Mitterrand National Library. So when Yaël Braun-Pivet, the President of the Assembly, wants to mark the occasion for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, he is the one we call. And bingo, he already has what it takes. In his workshop sleeps a Venus de Milo doing a tennis smash.


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