Peruvian Badminton Team Shines with 8 Medals at Bolivarian Youth Games


Peruvian sports team is the best

Badminton gives us 8 more medals in the Bolivarian Youth Games

Within the framework of the I Bolivarian Youth Games Sucre 2024, our badminton athletes managed an illustrious performance by winning 8 medals (5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze).

It should be noted that the national representative, made up of 184 exponents, has so far won 40 medals in the competition governed in Bolivia.

In the women’s singles final there was a Peruvian definition in which Namie Miyahira won gold by defeating Fernanda Munar, who should have taken second place.

Regarding other results, Sharum Durand, in men’s singles, took the gold and Namie Miyahira, with Fernanda Munar, won the gold in women’s doubles.
Concerning double men, José María Rendón and Sharum Durand hung sideways; while the gold in mixed doubles went to Fernanda Munar and José María Rendón, who in the Peruvian final defeated the duo Sharum Durand and Namie Miyahira, who won the silver.

“We are very excited about this achievement, thank you all for your support and we want to win more medals to raise the name of the country,” said Fernanda Munar.

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