Paralympic Archery: Italian Athletes Shine and Prepare for Paris 2024

Paralympic archery, a great Italy is preparing for Paris 2024

From Elisabetta Mijno to Paolo Tonon, the Italian athletes are preparing for the next Paralympics, discovering a passion for sport which also becomes a challenge that pushes them to always give their best


02 April 2024
02 apr 2024

ROME – Nine passes for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games and four gold medals won on the last day of the Fazza World Ranking Tournament. The Italian Para-Archery team’s trip to Dubai ends with a more than positive result. On the last day the Azzurri took home four gold medals by winning the mixed team finals of the open Olympic arch (Mijno-Travisani) and W1 (Pellizzari-Tonon) 6-2 respectively over Japan and 147-139 over Repubblica Czech. In the individual first place in the recurve for Elisabetta Mijno, 6-0 over the Indian Pooja, and for Stefano Travisani, 6-4 over the French Toucoullet. Both Asia Pellizzari and Maurizio Panella finished in 4th individual place in W1. Elisabetta Mijno, native of Moncalieri, province of Turin, 38 years old, following a road accident at just 5 years old, became paraplegic and forced into a wheelchair. She is a girl with clear ideas, enough to pursue her two passions, sport and medicine, with a commitment and dedication that has subsequently rewarded her with the results obtained. She thus approached the discipline of Archery very young, in the 1997s, specializing in the Olympic Archery Category W2 Senior Female and at the same time she continued her studies in orthopedics until she graduated. Stefano Travisano, who won gold paired with Mijno, has been paraplegic since 2015 due to a fall from a mountain bike: his condition is exactly incomplete paraplegia in the lower limbs. Archery is a sporting discipline initially undertaken as a physiotherapeutic activity, but today it is no longer just therapy. He trains with passion in the breaks that his profession as an architect leaves him with and two years after the accident, at the world championships in China, he becomes archery champion with a world championship gold in the mixed team. Mijno and Trevisani also won their respective individual recurve events. The other gold, W1, featured Asia Pellizzari and Paolo Tonon. Pellizzari, born in 2001 in Riva del Garda, was the victim of a car accident at 11 months old, with her family of origin, which caused her to have a complete transverse C7-T1 lesion with impairment of the upper limbs, in particular on the right hand. She graduated from the Institute for Tourism, she competes for the ASD Società Arcieri del Castello, she chose archery because she considers it “a competition that I do above all against myself, and where I give the best of myself” . Paolo Tonon, another great name in Italian Para-Archery, born on 28 November 1989 in Vittorio Veneto, has a background in wheelchair tennis, but has quickly become one of the best Italian athletes in the category.

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