Newell’s Faces Defeat Against Boca and Diminishes Chances in League Cup

Newell’s lost 3 to 1 against Boca in the Coloso and mortgaged their chances in the League Cup

Boca beat Newell’s 3 to 1 at the Coloso with goals from Cristian Medina at 27′, Luca Langoni at 54′ and Kevin Zenón at 89′. Julián Fernández had scored a goal for Larriera’s team in the 88th minute. The referee was Facundo Tello who had Facundo Rodríguez and José Castelli as assistants. Gastón Monsón Brizuela was the fourth referee. Héctor Paletta was on the VAR and Juan Pafundi was the AVAR.



27′ Cristian Medina, after a great block by Macagno, took the rebound from a shot by Langoni and made it 1-0 for Boca.

32′ Macagno left Newell’s in the game with this great action.

34′ Kevin Zenón was able to score another goal for the visiting team

45′ Gustavo Velázquez almost converted the tie for Newell’s at the end of the first half.

46′ At the start of the second half, Giovani Chiaverano almost celebrated.

54′ Luca Langoni increases the advantage for Boca

56′ Panchito González was about to score for Newell’s

60′ Ian Glavinovich was cautioned for this foul on Langoni.

88′ Julián Fernández discounted for leprosy

89′ Kevin Zenón puts definitive figures on the game.

90’+2 Leandro Brey avoided the second leper goal.


Photos: Leandro Vincenti (La Capital)

2024-04-06 21:37:14
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