NBA Playoffs Preview: Top Ten Rankings and Predictions for Eastern and Western Conferences

The NBA regular season is over, let’s take a look at the top ten rankings in the Eastern and Western Conferences.

East: 1. Celtics 2. Knicks 3. Bucks 4. Cavaliers 5. Magic 6. Pacers 7. 76ers 8. Heat 9. Bulls 10. Hawks;

West: 1. Thunder 2. Nuggets 3. Timberwolves 4. Clippers 5. Mavericks 6. Suns 7. Pelicans 8. Lakers 9. Kings 10. Warriors.

The matchups that have been determined in the first round of the playoffs: Bucks VS Pacers, Cavaliers VS Magic; Timberwolves VS Suns, Clippers VS Mavericks. All other matches will depend on the results of the subsequent play-offs.

Tomorrow will usher in the first game day of the playoffs. The Western Conference will go first, Pelicans VS Lakers, Kings VS Warriors.

Judging from the last few rounds of this year’s regular season, as several traditional strong teams fell into the bottom half, the rankings of the top three in the East and West were confusing, and the seats were not determined until the last round. For example, in the Western Conference, even the defending champions are afraid of facing the Lakers or Warriors in the first round and actively sink to the second position.

As the two teams with the largest traffic in the league, one of the Lakers and Warriors may be eliminated. Of course, there may also be a happy ending – the Lakers defeat the Pelicans tomorrow to lock in 7th place, and the Warriors first defeat the Kings tomorrow, and then defeat the Pelicans. The Pelicans became 8th in the Western Conference.

The Lakers defeated the Pelicans yesterday in the last round of the regular season away from home, winning by a full 16 points. They have a clear advantage. They will fight again on the same spot tomorrow. The Lakers not only have the strength and psychological advantage, but also save the hardship of traveling. , it should be very beneficial. But tomorrow the handicap will still be the Pelicans, which is not a good sign for the Lakers. If they lose to the Pelicans tomorrow, the Lakers may have a life-and-death showdown with the Warriors, and the Lakers will have to bid farewell to the season.

How will tomorrow’s play-off match develop? Zhang Jin has done thorough research on this in the past two days. We are full of confidence in tomorrow’s two games and will do our best to help everyone win all reds. Friends who are interested, please pay attention to the on-the-spot recommendation of “Zhang Jin Basketball”. We strongly recommend that everyone choose “Zhang Jin Basketball Weekly Package” to get more of our services at the best price. Play-offs, playoffs, real battles, every game is exciting, don’t miss it!

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Review of the last issue: Last time I recommended the Bucks VS Magic small ball (218.5) to everyone. In the end, the Bucks defeated the opponent 117 to 99, with a total score of 216, and the small ball was a steady hit.

So far, the public recommendations in this column have won four consecutive wins. Today we will continue to work hard and hit the “five consecutive wins”!

Public recommendation in this issue: 7:30 am on April 17th, Pelicans VS Lakers
Whoever wins this game will get the 7th spot in the Western Conference. The importance is self-evident. I believe the intensity of the game will be on par with the playoffs. The total score in this game opened low and went low, and the handicap dropped significantly, indicating that the two teams will play cautiously, and the data seems to be in line with the nature of the game. However, the two teams have played against each other four times this season, with three big teams and one small team. The last three games have all been big games, which shows that the two teams’ styles of play are not incompatible.

We can see that the last round of the regular season clash between the two teams yesterday was actually very important to both sides. If the Pelicans win, they won’t have to play in the play-offs. If the Lakers lose, they will have to compete with the Warriors in the play-offs. Yesterday’s confrontation was no less significant than tomorrow’s play-offs, but the Lakers and Pelicans did not play conservatively. In the end, the game still scored a high score of 232 points.

Although tomorrow’s game is important, it does not involve the life or death of the two teams. The losing side still has one chance, so mentally, the two teams are not so nervous that their hand feeling has declined. I think the data magnifies the difficulty of tomorrow’s game, and there is a suspicion of deliberately inducing small balls. Tomorrow both sides will play with all their main players, and their scoring ability is guaranteed. We are more optimistic about the overall situation.

Recommendation for this game: Big goal (223.5), I wish you red, and I wish you five consecutive reds! ! !

Let’s talk about this for today. There will only be two playoff games in the NBA tomorrow, not many. We will try to win them all. Brothers, remember to keep up! See you in the evening practical version! ! !

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April 17 (Wednesday)
02:00 Efes VS Bologna
07:30 Pelicans VS Lakers
10:00 Kings VS Warriors

Note: Specific recommendations may be adjusted on the spot, and all recommendations will be issued no later than 15 minutes before the start of the game.

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