Navigating the Tough Market for Veteran Safeties in the NFL Offseason

The offseason began with a hoard of veteran safeties hitting the market as teams purged the position.

The glut of free-agent safeties made it difficult for the big-money paydays to roll in. Xavier McKinney inked for $16.75 million per year in Green Bay, and the Patriots recently agreed to a four-year contract with Kyle Duggar worth $14.5 million per season, but the multi-year deals worth heaps of cash have been few and far between.

“It’s a one-year deal, and for me, I feel like my value is worth more than one year, but unfortunately, we all saw how the market went,” he told Indy reporters Tuesday. “So it was what I was dealt. I’m happy with how it ended up.”

2024-04-09 19:22:00
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